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Summer end - Bosnian pyramids project update

A lot of the readers have been asking for an update on the Bosnian pyramids. We apologize for the delay. Here is the news first hand.

Hello everyone. We have not done an update to this site in a few months. It’s summer time and people that administer are young. Summer time… young… you get the picture.

I have personally visited the location several times this summer, last time being the first week of September. I took photographs and they are posted below. It is estimated that 200,000 people visited Visoko this year and Bosnian pyramids are the main reason for this. It really is an amazing site and while you are climbing the steep hills (pyramid walls), I have to say the feeling is pretty special. Enlightenment is the word that comes to mind.

Work is in progress. Local companies are lining up to sponsor this project so the excavations are not so much volunteer-based any more. The Bosnian economy is not very strong right now and things tend to take longer compared to the way things are done in the West. That said, people are working on exposing the pyramid walls every day. There is always someone available on the site to give an update on what is going on and what the latest news is. There is a lot of speculation and some of the things you hear on the site are pretty funny. One of the workers claims that a monstrous snake has been spotted by two people on separate occasions. Fortunately site speaks for itself. There are huge cement blocks underneath approximately a meter of soil everywhere they dig. Top, bottom, different sides of the pyramid… everywhere. They have found edges that connect two sides and even some entrances have been found.

The Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation is saying that this is a step pyramid and the 90 degree walls are its steps. Experts from all over the world are joining the project and are actively involved. On Bosnian television there is a Sunday night special on the federal television station that gives updates on the project. Most of the big international media networks covered the project during the initial hype but now the hype has toned down. People are waiting for an amazing discovery before they get excited again. Citizens of Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital, are not talking much about the pyramids. They are also waiting for some big news. Despite the skepticism this project is for real and in my opinion the world will soon enough take it more seriously.

Winters in Bosnia are cold and snowy so the work is being transferred underground until spring time. The tunnels below the pyramids are being cleared and the workers are going deeper and deeper. The foundation thinks that the tunnels of the 3 pyramids, whose tips form a right angle triangle, are all connected.

Anyway, us computer geeks are back in the work mode and we will try and update this site more often. There is a lot more to be said, a lot of interesting details including wall markings that have been found, analysis of the materials etc, but we will leave this for another time. Enjoy the photos. Cheers!

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